Where it all began…

helenI have always had an interest in fashion and my love of Vintage began in my late teens. The need to buy and have something unique for the weekend compelled me to shop jumble sales, carboots and charity shops regularly; Some would say daily with my parents Jane and Norman. I loved the hunt of not knowing what treasure I would find and how cheap garments were.

I am as passionate today, if not more so about Vintage. I personnally buy and source all garments for This Is Vintage 1953 and can truly say I love every piece, there are some quirky and others very unique this adds an edge and is what This Is Vintage 1953 is all about. The year respresents when my dad was born or so I thought. I have later found out he’d lied about his age, I thought it was only women who did that!

This Is Vintage 1953 is desirable, affordable and differrent to any other vintage site or seller. We are a brand showcasing vintage garments that resprent today’s fashion trends with high turn around of newness arriving weekly so don’t wait, if you see it, love it, buy it!

Many Thanks